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Fleet management solutions

Control costs, increase driver safety and decrease downtime with Rogers fleet management solutions.

Fleet management once meant vehicle tracking for couriers and shipping companies, but ongoing network enhancements and technology improvements make IoT-fueled fleet management and optimization affordable and easy to manage for companies of all sizes.

Whether you manage a small number of local supply vehicles or an extensive fleet of 18-wheelers, Rogers fleet management solutions can help. From Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs), to vehicle tracking or complete fleet management systems, we can help keep your goods and workers safe and efficient while improving your bottom line and automating regulatory compliance.

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How can Rogers fleet management help me?

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The cost/km of operating a truck in 20191

Control costs

Reduce downtime, minimize wasteful activities and maximize fleet operations with route optimization, fuel monitoring and proactive maintenance


Accidents in Canada during adverse weather2

Improve Safety

Protect your staff, vehicles and cargo with alerts and reporting for weather, road conditions and driver behaviour


Hours of Service convictions due to faulty logs3

Simplify Compliance


Take the administration and bookkeeping out of regulatory compliance with automated reporting and ELDs designed to satisfy all levels of government regulation

Fleet management solutions give you:

ELDs and HoS compliance

  • Transmit vehicle data automatically, eliminating time-consuming paper logs.
  • Ensure compliance in advance of Provincial and Federal mandates on June 12, 2021 as well as current U.S. requirements.

Vehicle location tracking

  • Boost operational efficiency with real time tracking, allowing you to monitor the location and condition of your goods.
  • Enhance customer service by providing accurate arrival estimates and proof of delivery, including time and location stamps.

Diagnostics and maintenance

  • Increase fleet utilization by synchronizing operations with planned maintenance based on usage and driver behavior.
  • Reduce breakdowns and costly vehicle downtime with proactive maintenance alerts leading to greater efficiency and improved driver safety.

Driver behaviour monitoring

  • Minimize downtime, increase efficiency and reduce non-business usage by monitoring arrival and departure times, locations visited, and time spent on the road, customer locations and the office.
  • Improve driver safety, reduce fuel consumption and prevent accidents with immediate alerts such as speeding, rapid acceleration, abrupt braking, sharp cornering and seatbelt use.

Road and weather condition monitoring

  • Leverage precise location-specific weather and road conditions alerts to reduce accidents and ensure safer journeys.
  • Optimize routing to avoid delays, improving accuracy of ETA and customer experience.

    Rogers Fleet Complete

    Bring a holistic approach to your fleet tracking and management with RogersTM Fleet Complete. Our connected platform gives you the flexibility to start small and expand your capabilities as your business grows. Solutions with Rogers Fleet Complete include:

    ELDs and compliance

    • Automate driver logs and meet both the U.S. and Canada government requirements with this engine-connected solution.

    Telematics and driver safety

    • Improve productivity, efficiency and safety with performance dashboards and reports, powered by sophisticated GPS software.

    Video-enhanced telematics

    • Keep an extra pair of eyes on the road to document activities, while helping coach drivers en-route with an in-cab voice assistance.

    Accelerate your fleet monitoring and vehicle tracking with Rogers

    Discover the full potential of your business. Through robust assessments, our team of IoT consultants help you unlock opportunities for new value in your business. We’ll pair you with the right technology, ensure your implementation runs smoothly and powers your solution with Canada’s most trusted network.*

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